iPad Web Apps Development – An Effective Alternative to native Apps!

iPad app development is a broad niche where developers utilize the large screen size and unique user habits to provide a great experience. However, developing native apps can be time-consuming or full of obstacles. Especially if you’re not a dedicated programmer or user interface designer – you can run into problems.

In this article we’ll see how web apps for iPad can be an amazing alternative to developing native apps for the platform.

Why build for iPad?
Developing for the iPad user base is very important. May that be a game, blog, corporate products directory, or photography collection – iPad has an edge thanks to a larger screen size and better resolution.

If you know you can utilize that extra real estate to make a great flow of content that will be loved by the scrolling-friendly users of iPads – you must develop for iPad.

Not just that. iPad user base has increased with time and developers are making all efforts to specialize and differentiate iPad app development from other apps as iPad has many unique features.

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The problems in iPad development
Now, however, there are a few problems.

First, design is really important for an application to be successful. In fact, it’s more important than the actual functionality. If it isn’t appealing and modern, it’s not going to run for a long duration. Imagine a grey color scheme based corporate app that uses white borders for links. No shadows, sans-serif font, tons of drop downs, jam-packed with content-holding boxes of different shapes and sizes all in different shades of grey – but it cures cancer. No one will use it. Okay maybe people will, as it cures cancer. But you get the point, right?

Further, if you’re not a good programmer you’ll face many technical issues whether you’re using Xcode or not.

Enter web apps
Web apps are apps coded using HTML5, CSS3, and perhaps sprinkled with a tad bit of JavaScript. They open in browsers mostly, but some have dedicated streams and integration options. They have the ability to send push notifications. A web app is extremely lightweight.

Developing web apps for iPad means proper utilization of the screen real estate without any troubles. You just need web coding know-how.

Writing such web apps takes fairly less amount of time. It’s timeless and can be updated extremely easily. If you want to port out to other tablet devices, or mobile screens, or notebooks, or laptops, or gaming PCs, or even Apple TV – you can do so just by creating a different style sheet and changing measurements here and there. The rest of the styling is inherited. No need to touch the main content file at all.

Web apps can utilize SVGs – scalable vector graphics. What are they? Well, they’re scalable graphics (duh). No matter how much you zoom in or out, they always maintain their shape and have a crisp resolution (that’s vector for you).

The future tech
Web apps
are the future tech. They are easy to build, set-up, use, scale to bigger budgets, etc. There are no reasons as for why you shouldn’t think about web apps as an alternative when thinking about iPad app development.

Authored by Daniel Roach. Daniel, or Dan – as his friends call him, is a lazy couch potato. But just give him a MacBook and an iPad application’s requirements – and magic will happen. Dan is extremely skilled in designing for iPads. He understands the nuts and bolts of developing an app for the iPad Users. His skill in iPad development is thus unmatched. To know more about his work, visit: